Last week in South Africa and sharks in the water!

Can’t believe it has almost been a month since we were in South Africa. Made me realise I never wrote about our last week there. We spent it in Plettenberg bay, on the farm and in cape town buying a very specific kind of art – if you know you know.

Plettenberg bay is magical. Matthew’s sister and family has a beautiful house there, 1 min walk from the beach.

We drove to Plett, which took us about 5 hours from the farm. We took the scenic route and saw breathtaking landscapes along the way. One of the most beautiful views I have ever seen was driving through Outeniqua Pass, hard to beat that. Photos don’t make it justice, but here are a few…

Looks like a fake backdrop!

Piss with a view… the best in the world?

First thing we did the next morning once arrived in Plett, was to go for the obligatory walk on the beach. Amazing beach, and out of main season so not too many people there. Their main season/ summer is around Christmas.

Look at these beautiful group of star fish! What upset me was that a woman picked one up and was going to bring it home as an ornament. It really pissed me off. I found the most beautiful big sea shell, but I quickly threw it out to sea as it was inhibited by a sea snail. Don’t take what it not yours or needed from nature </3

We spent our days on the beach. Leo LOVED it. He even ate it!

Beach games every day! And after that a swim. I made sure to not go too far out… as these are SHARK waters. After I took this photo Matthew decided to go for a swim, surfing the waves with his body. To do this you have to go quiet far out. I got a mild hard attack when I SAW A SHARK FIN in the water. Not joking. I’m 100%. A bit further out but I waved and tried to get Matthew to come in, sans his glasses he just laughed it off. Had a ‘real talk’ with him that night, that now with a baby, he can’t take the same risks. ((And for the sake of my poor heart.))

Another time when Matthew was out swimming he truly thought a shark was coming for him, but it was a big seal in the wave and he did not have glasses on… he came running out of the water in panic. I knew it was a seal as I had spotted it way before him. We all laughed long and hard.

After Plett we headed back to the farm to enjoy our last few days with Natasha and Nic. THANK YOU for having us. France was our next adventure… which will have to be another post as my batteries are dying.. So long!

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