Wedding bubbles, friends and snakes

When we got married 2016 we wanted part of South Africa, where Matthew is from, at the wedding… so we chose a bubbly from Cape Town as the drink to celebrate with after our ceremony at the light house. I have always wanted to visit the estate, and driving to our friends house on Friday we drove past it and just had to go in for a tasting…

I was pleasantly surprised to hear we had chosen an estate that solely produce bubbles – my drink of choice if ever in doubt. We tried rosé and white bubbles as well as all their vintage selection. I’m glad that our wedding one – Graham Beck Brut Rosé – was still my favourite, closely followed by the white vintage bubbly.

My boys <3

Once done trying out gorgeous bubbles we headed to our friend’s place in Montagu. I just love driving around in the western cape exploring. It is the third time I’m here with Matthew, and the previous two times we stayed on the farm and it’s surroundings most of the time. We’re a bit more adventurous this time around – and with Leo it is even more fun exploring. I’ll have to write a separate post on the subject of traveling with a baby.

John and Katharine live in Hout Bay, where we stayed over last week. But this time around we headed out to John’s parents, whom Matthew has known his whole life. They live in the most amazing old house, with a porch going around two sides of the house, and a garden looking out over the mountains.

Bruce and Marie, our hosts for the weekend!

On our first full day, Saturday, Bruce and Marie, Johan and Katharine all took us to their local art, crafts and food market. Montagu is such a nice little town, very artsy, amazingly beautiful houses and kind people.

Fun facts while waiting for my pancakes.

Two boys without parents (was told the story by Marie) sold their artwork at the market. The community in Montagu are helping these boys to put their earnings into the bank and paying for school. Such a nice thing. I bought a painting for Leo, to have in his room back in London.

After the market we went for lunch the bunch of us, followed by wine tasting and Springfield estate with John and Katharine. Our plan was to ‘wine crawl’ our way back home via a few estates, but this one was so nice so we ended up staying past their closing time (3pm) and was given the tasting bottles to finish.

The rest of the weekend was spent braai-ing, chilling at their house, playing with Leo, and talking about snakes and what to do if you meet one. If you meet a Cobra, which they have at the farm as well as in the neighbourhood of Montagu, you don’t move a muscle and you close your eyes – as some apparently spits their venom – they aim for your eyes – and you go blind!! Anyway, not going to happen. But good to know. I’m always looking down when walking here in South Africa to make sure I don’t get myself into a somewhat stressful situation.

Just before we arrived at the farm one of their dogs got bitten by a cobra! Luckily it survived.. and both Matthew’s sister and her husband Nic are pros at killing them – with strong but ‘bouncy’ stick so you can *snap* the snake in half basically.

Enough snake facts. Have a great day!


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