Lunch treat at the Vineyard Hotel, Cape Town

A week ago, before heading to Hermanus for the weekend, Matthew and I stole some ‘us-time’ and headed to the Vineyard Hotel in Cape Town. We had it recommended, not only for the views and food, but for the tortoise that lives on the grounds. Matthew’s mum took him here when he was Leo’s age to see the tortoise. So it was extra special for him to show Leo.

The wine was amazing, the food even more, but the views took the prize! Located at the back of Table Mountain nestled in a lush and green hill. I think next time we come to South Africa we’ll book us a night here.

Simple fresh food. Veggie all the way.
Leo’s current favourite vegetable: Broccoli. Preferably with some melted garlic butter on top. Sucking it like a lollipop!

Maureen even had a dog tag with the hotel’s number, stuck to her shell, should she wander too far from the hotel!

Today we’re heading to Montagu with some friends for a mini holiday over the weekend. I’ll take lots of photos and will update you Monday. Have a great weekend!

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