Holidaying on the South African coast

Because we’re here for such a long time, I say we’re home when we’re on the farm, and if we go away for a weekend we’re off on a little mini holiday. Quiet nice to think like that. Makes it feel like we’re here for the long haul.

Last Friday we headed to sea side town Hermanus, two hours south east of Cape Town, together with our family down here. I was beyond excited to show Leo the big sea and dip his toes in the water!

We stayed in a lovely neighbourhood two streets from the coastline. It is immensely impressive that wherever we go here in southern South Africa, we’re surrounded by mountains. It makes me fell small, but in a good way. It makes me connect to earth and appreciate it’s greatness.

Sun setting over the cliffs on the path to the beach.
Looking for the perfect spot to have sundowners at.

Sundowners is such a South African thing. When the sun sets you bring out the snacks and drinks and you enjoy the view. No matter where you are, you can be sure there is a view to be had!

Our last day was the best, weather wise. Sunshine, blue skies and beach! Leo loved the sand, so much that he decided to eat some, BUT he did not feel the same towards the ice cold water. Oh.. and please do excuse his somewhat dodgy outfit, it keeps the sun at bay.

Before packing our bags and heading back home to the farm, we had lunch with the most amazing views, sitting in a cove on a cliff. Leo loved looking at all the birds, waves making sounds and big splash, and children playing next to us.

South Africa… you have stolen my heart. I am so glad to be married to one from here, and have a son with your blood. It will always bring me back to you!


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