Welcome to Africa

Front door to our home during our month in South Africa – is it not amazingly dreamy.

One week ago we landed at Cape Town airport and started our shared leave with Leo. One week into our African adventure, 3 weeks to go before adventure continues in Europe. That is a fantastic feeling. So what have we been up to? So much!! This first week has ben so much fun, feels like we’ve been here much longer than 7 days. We’ve hung out on the farm with family, been in Cape Town to stay with friends, visited Stellenbosch for the day, spent the weekend in Hermanus, enjoyed the beach, rain, thunder, wine… the list goes on. So let’s rather look at some photos from the first few days at the farm.

The road between Matthew’s sister’s house and our house. The farm’s dogs always close by!
Leo LOVES the ring sling!

Every time we come to the farm there is a tradition to head up to the damm for sundowners. The damm is very special to me, to us, as this is where Matthew proposed a few years back. We were out swimming when he asked me to marry him. I had to find ground to stand on and ask him to ask me again as I was taken by surprise (best one ever)! Anyway, this year Cape Town is in severe draught. People are on strict water usage restriction – what you shower in is saved and used to flush the loo, waiting for water to be warm during a shower is luxury… Luckily the farm got its own water supply, even though not near what it has normally. Just look at the damm now! Totally dry. We’re praying for big rains to come and soak the lands.

I’ve decided that Leo is to be a little hippie boy this summer. Got him these amazing harem pants. Now my mission is to find myself and Matthew some matching ones!

Cousin Grace, Roxy the dog and Matthew – just returned from a mountain bike ride. And Leo of course.

Family photo!

On the third day we ventured to Stellenbosch, a beautiful old university and wine town. I slightly overdressed in my silk padded jacket – but mornings are cold, and days really hot! Leo quickly shedded his layers after this photo was taken.

Do you see my new red bag? When on the airport waiting to board the plane in London I showed Matthew a Gucci bag I really liked – to what he replied that he’ll buy it for me! I don’t think brands are important, but I do sure like a nice bag!

Spot the difference of Matthew in first photos and this one… he shaved his head while in town! And I love it! He might have done if for other reasons than wanting to be ‘cool’, but my husband is a hottie. Just saying.

Leo’s new thing is to totally refuse purées.. but food he can hold himself is a big fat YES. A bit difficult though with only one tooth. He sucks on them rather.

One of my all time fave photos of my two boys.
Not sure about the whole the Lion King thing..

That was Monday – Wednesday last week. Will have to tell you about our very busy but fun weekend in a separate post. Now I have to go and wake up our boy who’s slept for 2 hours(!), and prepare a little drinks and snacks evening on our porch for me and Matthew. You could call it a date night African style. 

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