Visiting the light house in När. Where I got married. Moa was my maid of honor.

I’ve returned to Stockholm after a fantastic week on Gotland. Moa joined us on Friday and stayed until Monday. She has been great! It might sound weird saying that… but I’ve always wondered how it would be to be one of the first to have babies out of my friends in Sweden. It is already a big distance between us geographically, what would a baby throw into that mix do to our friendship? Well… I now know the answer: nothing! Nothing has changed and I am so happy about that.

Doing our own thing. Getting freckles. Chilling 100%.

I don’t expect friends to love Leo and want to cuddle him all the time. But just to accept he is there, be there to hold him when I need a helping hand and withstand some baby talk voices is all I ask.

While mom ‘mormor’ had Leo at home Moa and I snuck away to Smakrike in Ljugarn and had some lunch just us.

I have not changed that much… or that is a lie… that is what I was going to write. I have obviously changed heaps!! I am a mother… the biggest job on the planet. It has affected me in all aspects. But what I mean is that my friendships does not change, I am still the friend I was before, I might just be a bit little late for lunches and I might just accidentally talk a tiny bit too much about the latest sounds Leo makes.

Leo sitting for the first time! Moa encouraging him in the background and myself acting as a support pillar to potential wobbles.

The obligatory activity of the trip: playing cards (do you even say that? In Swedish it is ‘laying patience’).

Now I am excited to be back in Stockholm, meeting up with friends and family before I head back to London on Friday and South Africa on Sunday!!



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