Enjoying the sun in our newly built house down by the field.

It is 21:12 and I’m sitting by the burnt out fire in our cottage eating some chocolate and drinking some tea. Leo is asleep upstairs. I should probably sleep when he sleeps but since we’ve introduced the cot to him and he settles nicely in the evening, I’ve reclaimed my evenings and no matter how tired I am this is MY time.

Leo with out neighbours Peter & Lena. He was cool as a cucumber. Such a happy sausage (what we call him, not so weird if you think about us calling our dog pooh)

I had some daytime ‘me time’ the other day when my mum surprised me with an early Easter present. She drove me to a nearby stable while Leo stayed at home – or we dropped Leo off with our neighbours here on the island while she drove me, he might as well get used to hanging out with ‘strangers’ now, ahead of months of travels with lots of people coming and going!

Going to the stable was amazing, a well needed break, riding out in the absolutely gorgeous surroundings on this part of Gotland. We rode down to the sea and just sat there on our horse’s backs looking out over the endless ocean, sparkling like a glass of bubbles at a first date’s candle lit dinner table – sounds like a true sob love story, and it was, with nature. The woman I rode out with had two children and one thing she said really struck a cord. She said that to be a good mom you need your own space and hobbies and TIME. You need to have fun without the children to be able to have fun with them. It sounds so obvious but it is really not, a lot of moms forget about themselves.

Rocky and I bonding before riding out in the stunning Gotland nature.

It made me realise I don’t do enough for myself. Matthew keep encouraging me, to take time and do my Yoga for example – which I did every day throughout pregnancy – but I just have not found the inspiration… until now! I am very much an all or nothing person, so I will try not to go too crazy about it, as I’ll loose interest too quickly then. But I see our travels to South Africa and the spending time in the sun like a fresh start to be healthy, exercise more. I also want be more creative, such as head out and take photos, write in my diary, I want to phone detox and I want to work on my idea and make it a reality – my A Tribe Called Life community.

Leo is my heart and soul. But to be the best mom I can be for him I need to be the best self I can be for myself.



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  1. Absolutely! I wondered if I enjoyed being a mum so much would I ever want to go back to work? Turns out the job I do and love is partly what makes me ME! Amongst many other things of course. I can see how easy it would be to loose yourself in motherhood but the truth is our children feel when we are fulfilled and when we do what we love for ourselves we come back much happier and have much more to give.

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