It is a weird feeling leaving your house, knowing you won’t be back for at least 3 1/2 months and that someone else will live there and have a baby while you’re gone! But at the sam time it is incredibly exciting. Hanging out with my little family for 3 months!!

I left our house in London Saturday morning and headed to Heathrow by tube. Leo snoozed the whole way like a champ! We made it through security effortlessly and even the two hour delay at airport he slept through plus the third hour delay on the plane waiting for a new pilot he slept through. I was just happy he did not cry his way through it like the other impatient babies on the flight. I had a feeling, that something was up in his little body, but did not think much of it then…

During the night from Saturday to Sunday Leo got fever and a cold with stuffed nose… slept next to me all night. Something he has not done since he was 4 1/2 months. Very cosy even if it meant less sleep for both of us. Despite this, I felt some fresh air could do us both good so we went out for a walk in a sunny Stockholm on Sunday. Caught up with dad and had lunch with my brothers.

Dad doing the ‘morfar’ (grandpa) stroll out on town. Leo snoozing away.

Sunday night was pretty rough, another one spent with him on top of me. Heartbreaking seeing him ill <3 But at least he is happy and all smiles during the day, even with a little bit of fever.

Dad was my hero taking Leo each morning giving me and hour or two more to sleep. Monday morning after breakfast, dad drove us to the airport and it was time for our second stop of this trip: Gotland with mum and Ola.


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