In almost exactly one month we start our travels (or I do), and they won’t stop until the 1st of August! Leo is going to be a well-travelled boy for sure, 5/12 months of his first year on the road. We started with one month in Sweden over Christmas, and this is what is coming up…

24 March – 6 April Stockholm & Gotland, Sweden (just me and Leo while M still works)
8 April – 5 May South Africa
7 May – 21 June France
21 June – 6 July Stockholm, Sweden (just me and Leo while M is cycling in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan)
6 July – 15 July London (quick pit stop at home to re-charge and M starts to work again)
15 July – 31 July Gotland, Sweden (just me and Leo as M will have had returned to work)

One part of me is too excited for words!! But another part of me is sad to part with our house for that big amount of time, as we’re just about finished with it all. Lights are up, cupboards almost built, final paint goes on this week. However, this means that we’ll come back to our house fully finished and ready to live in without having to look for more things to do. And to be fair, traveling to these great places is like a dream come true! We’ll have so much fun.  We also have a lovely family renting our home while we’re gone, so it has worked out great.

When we leave, Leo is going to be 6 months, when we properly return almost 10 months!! So much is going to happen ‘on the road’. For this I am intensely studying my new camera, and hope to capture many moments to share here on the blog and as a momento.

One of the main reasons we can do this trip is because Matthew get 3 months paternity leave from his work. This is fantastic, as most dads here in UK only get 2 weeks. So I hope both Matthew and I get to experience many ‘firsts’ with Leo during this period.

I also hope Leo will take the bottle during this time, so we can get some well deserved date nights out and can ask family and/or friends who comes to visit, to babysit. I think we are so worth it, after having raised Leo to be a happy tiny human being.


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