2016 ended with a miscarriage and a cosy Christmas down in Kent. 2017 began with a totally amazing surprise – I was pregnant again!! 30 days exactly after I miscarried, the stick I peed on showed a big fat plus, just after having had the worst flu of my life.

The next 7 weeks I could not think of ANYTHING else. I was shit scared to miscarriage again, and I red too many forums that stressed me out. At 8 weeks we went for an early ultrasound and saw a heart beating in the early stages of what was going to be Leo. He was then the size of a blueberry!

I started to feel ill at about 7-8 weeks. Nauseous 24/7 and could not eat anything else than white bread and bananas. We started to tell our closest friends and family immediately. The worst bit about my miscarriage the year before was that we did not tell anyone, which made me feel so incredibly alone.

At about 10 weeks pregnant we finally got the keys to our house. OUR OWN HOUSE… CRAYZ! Matthew had this grand vision that we would move in, have pizza on the floor and share a beer. However that was a total no go after having ditched the moving responsibilities because I felt so utterly shit. Matthew moved everything himself and I showed up after work. No pizza or beer, just a victory hug and straight to bed!

House slowly took shape…

Then we jumped on a plane…

At the hight of feeling sick we flew to South Africa. I remember running out of a restaurant in a fancy wine village to throw up in a flower bed… that was a low point! But despite feeling shit it was a lovely holiday.

I counted down the weeks until our big 20 week scan. We saw the heart pumping strong and Leo doing crazy yoga poses. Fell in love with this unknown little being even more!

Old friends and new friends… all pregnant at the same time! Amazing having someone going through the same thing as you. Tess was 2 weeks ahead of me and Bex 1.

Ladies who lunch!

Around week 28 Matthew and I flew to Spain with some friends for a long weekend of fun and sun.

Belly popped!

My best friend Moa came to visit me once back in London!

And Tess had her baby shower.

Mid July I flew to Sweden to hang out for a week. Spent some lovely days at our country house outside of Stockholm in the archipelago.

Around week 30, just before this trip my back started to hurt. Or more specifically my leg, the sciatic nerve. Could not sit, sleep or relax. Many tears were shed during sleepless painful nights. I dreaded the days ending when I no longer could stand up or walk the pain away.

End of July I was in so much pain I decided to leave work early, meaning I would not return after my 2 week holiday. Giving me 7 weeks of maternity leave before my due date.

At this point in pregnancy I started to feel really heavy, but with the pain I could not be still as it would make it worse. So going to Gotland to just be, and to attend my best friend Julia’s wedding was a perfect distraction.

Lovely days of enjoying summer in Sweden.

Julia’s wedding was beautiful, she was the most stunning bride. I’m so glad I went. Being her bridesmaid was very special.

I stayed up until 2.30am!! I must say I was surprised by this. But the next day I was mega tired, but it was so worth it. Flew home the next day to stay on UK ground until baby’s arrival.

4 days after coming back I had a surprise weekend planned for Matthew. We rented a car and drove to the Cotswolds.

Keeping busy kept my mind on other things than my bad leg.

We celebrated his birthday in style. Went on too long walks for a pregnant lady and ate too much food (what I could fit… not much space!).

Both our bellies grew. Started to plan for our babies to be best of friends.

Anouk and I. 4 days apart. Also lots of planning of how our babies will play and become best friends!

Beginning of September arrived and so did my baby shower! Paula had organised a lovely brunch at Shoreditch house.

Mamas in the making!!

House finally started to look and feel ready for our little ones arrival.

I painted and sorted the nursery/ guest room. Even though it looks more like a big boy’s room – I now felt ready for him to arrive!

Belly grew!! Here 5 days before his arrival…

Dinner out with friends. Last one as the next morning my body would start preparing for his later night rocket arrival.

In the evening of the 14th we saw 2 amazing rainbows!! Those had been his sign for 9 months. So posted this in Instagram not knowing I was so right!

1.08 am Leo arrived on our bathroom floor. Following that, a quick visit to the hospital we could settle down as new parents at home.

I think my yearly resume will have to stop here. Motherhood is a totally different chapter!

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