I’ve been counting down to a Christmas in Sweden. After Leo got ill a month back, Matthew and I really longed for some extra pairs of hands so we could catch up on sleep and just relax. Matthew has worked really hard, and so have I to be honest. Different kinds of work but same mental involvement. Except I got the best of jobs as it makes me smile every day, even though exhausting at times.

I have always loved Christmas. It is such a magical time of the year. Nothing beats the family coming together and spending a days being lazy in front of the fire.

This year is Very special with Leo as centre of attention AND we brought our beloved dog Vega. Matthew drove for 30 hours straight, through 5 countries, just so she could be here with us. She has found her place on the sofa closet to the fire.

I’ve always been excited about the prospect of gifts, but this year I truly don’t care that much. All focus is on Leo and I love it!

Each morning I bring Leo in to one of his uncles or grandma to spread some morning joy! He is his happiest in the morning.

It is currently 1 am on Christmas Eve and I’m feeding my little Christmas elf next to me. I’m so so happy. Despite a cold I’m fighting I feel so joyous and excited. For the days ahead with family, and because I’ve finally come to peace with the fact that co-sleeping is by far the best that works for me and Leo. So frekking cosy too!!

Merry Christmas all! Will try to fall asleep now and hope to feel better tomorrow so I can enjoy the day to its fullest!

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