With a growing belly my thoughts around my body changed. In my teenage years I focused on being skinny. Then my focus changed to ‘just be happy with what I got – not thinking too much about it at all’ to when I got pregnant and realised how blessed I am to have a body which can build a heart that belongs to A TINY HUMAN (which I also built). Now I LOVE it. Totally crazy!!

Here is a letter to my body should I ever doubt it again.Dear body,

Thank you.Thank you for creating my son. Thank you for keeping his heart beating for 9 months preparing him for earth-side. Thank you for being strong in labour helping Leo out in under 3 hours. You are amazing.38 weeks. Day before Leo's arrival. Thank you for giving me infinite respect and love for you. You are capable of magical things.Despite making me feel horrendous the first 5 months of pregnancy and the last 3, I forgive you for that. And I promise you I’ll work on getting stronger than I’ve ever been. I want to be strong for Leo, and for future pregnancies, but mostly to feel great everyday.After birth you acted in amazing ways. You instantly created nectar of life for Leo. You i totally forgive you for the pain of breastfeeding in the first month – you were just learning how to do it right. Just as me as mom. You made Leo grow and you knew what to do, even when Leo became ill as you changed the milk to cream. You’ve shrunk and changed. You don’t look like you used too. Hips are slightly wider and boobs bigger (saggier perhaps is a more honest description) and softer – but I’ve never felt more confident.The day after birth you looked like this. My belly has never been that soft. And I could not stop touching it. It was comforting and amazing. Since then you’ve continued to amaze me, shape me and create a new even better body.

Thank you!

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