3 times in 32 hours. That is how many times we’ve been to Accident & Emergency. Never have I been so happy to live 5 min from a hospital. Leo has contracted, what we later found out, viral bronchiolitis. A virus which attacks the airways and can make it hard to breath, severe cough, high fever and stuffed nose – at least in Leo’s case. It has been immensely hard to see him struggle. We’ve spent hours in the bathroom with a hot shower on to encourage him breathing in very humid air to clear the airways. We’ve been up all night comforting him and trying to feed him and keeping our fingers crossed he won’t throw it up again.

During these intense hours I did not shed a single tear. I was focused and determent to be there for him through some tough hours and days.

Matthew is super dad. But even super heros need their sleep.

The third time we went in was the hardest as he really worked hard on his breathing. His whole stomach worked to push the air in and out of the lungs. To make sure there was nothing more severe he had a chest X Ray. They came back looking good, and Dr sent us home saying this is part of the nasty virus. But to make sure he feeds. That is my mission at the moment. Feed him whenever he calls.

Trying to keep a brave face. Once home again, today, I broke down in tears. It has been a hard couple of days. Hopefully we’ve been through the worst.

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