Hello Leo, this is your mamma writing. First of all I can’t believe¬†we made you, from scratch! That is just mind blowing and so complex. That you grew inside of me for 9 months! I know it is the most natural thing ever, but still – Crazy. Second of all, you are one eager baby to come out and live life to the fullest, arriving on our bathroom floor after just 2 hours and 48 min of labour, from start to finish. Your papa did not even have time to give me a massage or be the ‘vibe master’ he had planned for ages, was going to play nice tunes and urge you out into the open by setting the mood just right. But I became a astronaut traveling by myself to another planet, and did not want to be touched, talked to or listen tunes during this time. It was amazing and intense.

When we brought you home I cried, every day all day. Sometimes in breastfeeding pain, but mostly out of love and total awe that you were now part of our little family. Each time I looked at you, or Matthew holding you, I cried,

Even pappa cried out of happiness and love in the first week.

I could never have imagine how bodily consuming becoming a mother would be. You depend on me completely. Even when you sleep my body react in weird and wonderful ways. If I ventured too far from you my boobs start to hurt. If I hear you cry they start to leak.

Mornings with you are the best. Cuddles and smiles 100%.

This is Vega, your fur-sister. She loves you even if she mostly ignores you.

Grandma ‘mormor’ is one of your biggest fan <3

I spent 100% of my first week with you in the sofa. 90% of the second week, 80% of the third and so on… Took me a good while to heal after your entrance into this world.

After 3 weeks pappa’s paternity leave was over. On his last Friday we went to buggy cinema and saw Blade Runner together with you. Following this we had our first meal out as I could finally sit on a chair.

Every day after work, pappa comes running through the door to greet you. You always love it! Smiles and deep stares.

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